(Free!) Spring Webcast from Microsoft Students to Business

22 fev

 Olá Pessoal,

Para quem gosta de Webcast, segue alguns relacionado ao S2B ( Student to Bussines ).

Calling all students and recent graduates. This Microsoft S2B Spring Webcast Series is just for you.


Microsoft Students to Business is pleased to host the Spring Webcast Series exclusively offered to the S2B community
Please join us for the S2B Spring Webcasts by registering today!
To register for the entire series, please email skills@microsoft. com.


Microsoft Students to Business Spring Webcast Series

Microsoft S2B Spring Webcast Series Times and Topics

February 24
2:30-3:30pm EST

What You Should Know About Visual Studio 2010
Interested in learning all that Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 will offer?
Presenter: Lindsay Lindstrom

Beginning Your Own Business
Learn the basics of constructing your business from the ground up.
Presenter: Rush Hambleton

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March 10
2:30-3:30pm EST

Internet Explorer 8 and Bing
Learn about the development of Internet Explorer 8 and Microsoft’s new search engine,
Presenter: Dan Waters

Job Interviewing Tips
Pick up some cool job interviewing tips to help you land a job.
Presenter: Jim Pinkelman

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March 24
2:30-3:30pm EST

Women in Technology
A lively panel discussion on the advances women are making in today’s technology industry.
Presenter: Lindsay Lindstrom

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April 7
2:30-3:30pm EST

Introduction to C# Programming
Captivated by C# programming? Learn more about basic programming with C#.
Presenter: Dan Waters

How to Find an Internship
Pick up some great tips on finding the perfect internship.
Presenter: Pat Leonard

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April 21
2:30-3:30pm EST

Students to Business Career Streams
A panel discussion on Microsoft S2B’s brand new career streams project.
Presenter: Edwin Guarin

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May 5
2:30-3:30pm EST

Analytics and Accessing Free Software Through Dreamspark and MSDN AA
Intrigued by the field of analytics? Want to find out how you can get FREE software through Dreamspark and MSDN Academic Alliance? Tune into this webcast and find out about these great Microsoft offerings.
Presenters: Cy Khormaee and Hilary Pike

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Fabio dos Santos Oliveira
Microsoft Student Partner Co-Lead – ES

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